Singing A Cappella in 1961 in Plainfield, N.J. in a tunnel on the way home from school, Oscar Smith and Chris ôRed" Robinson formed the group known as the DelCameos with the addition of two other very talented crooners in Herman Tucker and Robert Jacobs. Irving "Kayo" Toombs later completed the group's final harmonizing sound. The DelCameos sang songs like; I'll Be Sweeter Tomorrow, Gypsy Woman, People Get Ready, Zoom, and many other Doo Wop cuts from back in the day. They also performed at the TKO Theater in Newark N.J. as well as for parties, dances and weddings. The DelCameos even wrote and recorded a song called Tropical SunBreeze. They parted ways shortly after High School and have been recently reunited through the efforts of Red. They are planning a reunion, so keep looking for their new hit.
Other Crooners that made it from Plainfield include: George Clinton, Eddie Hazel, Glen Goins, Bernie Worrell, and Billy Nelson, and brothers Frankie and Richard Boyce who were all members of the Parliament Funkadelics and Larry Franklin ofthe Escorts as well as many other singers who were also from Plainfield, N.J.
About The DelCameos
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